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Psychiatric Medication Discontinuation Masterclass

Help patients heal by supporting their journey to come off psychiatric medications

What you'll get:

  • Comprehensive virtual course taught by holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Kendra Campbell
  • Love Your Life kundalini yoga practice to open your heart center and discover your higher purpose
  • Bonus kundalini yoga practice
  • Awakening to a new way of thinking about healing yourself and your patients

Topics covered include:

  • Module 1: Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal
    • Definitions of psychiatric medication withdrawal, dependence and addiction
    • The magnitude of psychiatric medication withdrawal
    • History of psychiatric medication withdrawal
    • Why doctors deny this problem 
  • Module 2: Stopping Psychiatric Medications
    • Why people want to stop psych meds
    • The variety of barriers to stopping
    • Preparing patients to stop, questions to ask, and starting the process
    • Specific information for stopping each medication class: Benzos/sedatives, TCAs, SSRIs/SNRIs, Atypical antidepressants, Stimulants, Mood stabilizers/AEDs, Antipsychotics
    • How to determine tapering schedule and pace
    • Information on dosing and formulation
    • Case example
    • Holistically treating withdrawal symptoms
    • Our crucial role as professionals
  • Module 3: Life After Psychiatric Medication
    • How to support the transformation that occurs when stopping psychiatric medications
    • The awakening patients experience and the spiritual aspects of this process
    • Additional Resources

What Fellows Are Saying:

Thank you very much for compiling this incredibly valuable and much needed masterclass! I especially loved the part about our own accountability as providers and the ongoing grief associated with that.

Dr. Elena Tuskenis