Wake Up to the Truth of Psychiatric Harm  

Join the movement to expose the myth of the chemical imbalance 

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A Masterclass for Conscious Healers

Understand from a deeper, intuitive space.

The Psychiatric Epidemic

More and more people are being diagnosed with a mental illness and prescribed psychiatric medications, yet outcomes are not improving. Learn how we are facing an epidemic of iatrogenic harm.

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The History of Psychiatry

Psychiatry has a disturbing history of using torture and brain damage as treatment. Learn how the methods have changed, but the approach is the same.

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The Chemical Imbalance Myth

Psychiatrists continue to prescribe medications to treat supposed chemical imbalances, yet there is no evidence that they exist. Learn how psychiatric drugs don't treat a chemical imbalance, but rather cause them. 

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Unapologetically authentic!

Hi, I'm Dr. Kendra Campbell, the creator of the Drugged: How Psychiatry Does More harm than Good Masterclass. I am a holistic psychiatrist and founder of Free Range Psychiatry and the Free Range Fellowship. I would love to teach you how to rediscover your passion for helping others and practice soul-healing psychiatry that aligns with your authentic self.

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Learn in Your Pajamas

This masterclass is 100% online and you can watch it on your own time on your phone or computer. Learn holistic psychiatry and practice Kundalini yoga all from the comfort of your home!

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Practice Soul-Healing Psychiatry

I was once just like you - writing endless prescriptions, burned out and hopeless. Then I learned about holistic psychiatry and understood how everything is connected. Now I empower people to access their inner wisdom to heal themselves and am living the life of my dreams.

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Align Your Life with the Deepest Call of Your Soul 

This masterclass infuses virtual lectures with kundalini yoga. In addition to exposing the dangers of psychiatry, I will teach you basic techniques for awakening your energy so you can move towards your higher purpose.

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Open your heart

Expand your energy and practice heart-centered healing.

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Dr. Ruta Nene

"This was enlightening and enriching. It helped me push past the boundaries of conventional medicine and really develop skills on how to treat the whole patient, not just their symptoms. This was powerful for my own self actualization and discovery as a human being, not just as a doctor. If you are open to the idea of guiding patients on a multidimensional journey involving mind, body, and spirit, then this fellowship is for you! Dr. Campbell is a kind, generous, and loving soul whose mission it is to better this world. I can't say enough wonderful things about her and the fellowship!"

Dr. Jennifer Giordano

"Dr. Campbell is on the cutting edge of the transformation of mental healthcare as we know it and has helped me finally enjoy my role as a psychiatrist. The Free Range Fellowship is more than an education, it is a living, breathing support and guide for a deep dive into oneself where all true healing comes from."

Dr. Kimberly Cranford

 "Engaging in these fellowship classes is like taking the red pill—finally learning the truth. Everything you learned in conventional medical training will be turned on its head as you’re exposed to knowledge and first-hand experience that lends towards root-cause healing and, more importantly, an assertion of our shared humanity. As you learn how to apply real healing modalities on others, you will find yourself one step further on your own healing journey as well—evidence that you’ve stumbled upon something real, truthful, and full of meaning.”

Dr. Elena Tuskenis

"The fellowship content is expertly researched, astutely presented, and incredibly practical for any practitioner. Dr. Kendra Campbell and Free Range are boldly embracing the paradigm shift of self-empowerment, self-healing, and authenticity in mental health. Highly recommend!"

Dr. Zeynep Demir

"These classes are so informative and based in science that I wish they were  accessible to all physicians and part of traditional medical training. Free Range, all the people in it, and what it is in its essence has allowed me to find my inner courage to follow my heart, strip away various conditionings to reconnect with my heart and spirit, and go  through my own healing - so that I can be a true healer and lifter upper to those I serve."

Drugged: How Psychiatry Does More Harm Than Good Masterclass

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  • Comprehensive virtual course taught by holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Kendra Campbell
  • Love Your Life kundalini yoga practice to open your heart center and discover your higher purpose
  • Bonus kundalini yoga practice
  • Awakening to a new way of thinking about healing yourself and your patients
  • Topics covered include: the psychiatric epidemic, the history of psychiatry and the chemical imbalance myth

Help Patients Heal

Move beyond medication-focused psychiatry, stop causing iatrogenic injury and help patients live their authentic lives. 

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